Lia Knits

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Right now we only have size 4.5 mm (US 7) needles which are the ones we include in our kits. Soon we'll have these same needles in sizes 4 (US 6) to 12 mm (US 17) as well as these beautiful needles with sculpted heads in the same size range.


The needles that come with our kits are made from surina wood, grown from the lal kohla tree in India.They have a square head and the needle number engraved.

They're delicate and you should handle them with care so they don't break.

If you notice that your needles snag the yarn you're working with, sand them lightly with a very thin sandpaper.

The advantage of these needles is that they're the most appropriate for beginners because they "grab" the yarn better than traditional metal or plastic needles and it's harder for stitches to slip away.

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